Bulk mail, also known as Bulk Business Mail (BBM), includes third-class bound printed matter, and small parcels weighing less than 16 ounces. There is an annual fee for bulk third-class mail permit numbers.  We allow clients to use our permit number on items we print.

CASS Certification - Coding Accuracy Support System - A service offered that improves the accuracy of matching to delivery point codes, ZIP+4 codes, 5 digit ZIP codes, and carrier route codes on mail pieces.  CASS provides an assurance mail is being sent to people and addresses that exist.  We offer the service of CASS Certified Mail.  Why pay for bulk mail postage if it is undeliverable?  We can assist with saving money and keeping your mailing lists up to mailing standards.

Bulk Mailing Services

Zip Code Sorting
Standard Bulk Mail
Delivery to Post Office
CASS Certified
Database/Mail List Management

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