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  5. PDF Files Only Our Workflow is Electronic and takes Correctly made PDF Files Only.


    If you need any assistance to make a PDF of your files we can help.

    Please contact us. 624-2700

    We work in a total electronic PDF workflow.

    Publisher, PrintShop Pro, PowerPoint, Excel and MicroSoft Products are not accepted.

    Publisher has a help on how to make a PDF for a Commercial Printer. There is a feature on how to check your files before you Pack and Go your final file to send.

    The help goes on to explain why the Pack and Go Feature need to be used with Publisher Files.


  6. Do you need everything in the PDF provided


    To help charge and bill correctly - It is important to:

    EXAMPLE - I have 3 pages and I would like 2 sets of the 3 Pages.

    2 Sets Multiple by 3 Pages in each will = NET 6 Total sheets

    (3 x 2) 6 x $3.45 = $20.70

    NOT 3 x $3.45 = $10.35 - This calculation is for only 3 sheets / 1 set only


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